Dear customer,

We started Hansa Destinations in August 2021 with the goal to develop and deliver a new service that was both efficient for customers and sustainable for the environment by reducing traffic on our roads.

As all new services we have had challenges, but we have continued to build our presence in the market and thanks to our customers we have also gradually built an increasing cargo base.

We have during 2022 experienced ever increasing costs for fuel. We have also had challenges to secure the right type of tonnage to Hansa Destinations that meets the expectations from our customers and from us. In short – our product is not up to the standard we demand of ourselves while our costs have increased tremendously, and the prospects for 2023 does not add up financially.

When we review our plans for 2023 we must therefore conclude that we during 2023 will not operate Hansa Destinations.

We fully recognize that the decision to suspend the service can represent challenges for our current customers, but we hope and trust that customers understand the decision.

We continue to believe in the service and have a clear plan to come back with sustainable solution based on suitable tonnage and a competitive offer to our customers during 2024.

We look forward to working with you in the near future.

Please also see our press release here ›
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